June 2, 2011

Gentlemen of Fortune: Results

Jean-Paul: This is a my inter-dimensional bubble maker, he roams metaphysical planes in his pink elephant. A Gentlemen of Fortune? He carves out his own path, because he is a drawing he's fortunate to be a creation, his only reason for existing is to be cool, that is some kind of fortune.

Simon: I ended up thinking more about my recent trip to Las Vegas, and the inherently illogical and weird nature of the entire city - and hell, gambling itself! These were the kinds of dudes you'd see shouting over the craps tables while we were playing $2 blackjack a few tables away...

Jason: The term 'gentlemen of fortune' made me think of a old fashioned adventure story.

Richard: Okay, here is my gentle man of fortune. I don't really know what was going on here but whatever, I like it.

Tayte: I have recently read Treasure Island and have had the idea of Pirates in my head for a couple of weeks. They are described in the book as 'Gentlemen of fortune'. This is Long John Silver and another pirate with an unfortunate acquaintance.

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